Diet Regimen

What is a Diet Regimen?

Diet regimen is a set of rules applied to eating habit, food intake and exercise to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. It is a systematic way of life that includes exercise and recommended diet, administering the food, eating habit along with other essentials of an individual.

Diet Regimen and Fertility

Diet regimen plays a crucial role in fertility. Both husband and a wife who has been following a healthy eating habit and has been exercising regularly face less or no issues with fertility. But, those who have been not following the healthy eating habit and do not exercise may have to face many issues related to fertility and pregnancy. It is very important from birth to follow a proper diet and have equal nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle which will keep them away from most of the health problems including infertility. Though infertility is not only caused by improper diet and exercise, it affects largely in balancing hormones other health-related issues in both men and women.

Diet Regimen and pregnancy

During pregnancy, the food intake and carvings are the most discussed and worrying part for the pregnant woman. As pregnancy comes with so many benefits including eating more than we eat in our normal days, it also adds a restriction for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and post-pregnancy care.

Though pregnant women get to enjoy all her favorite food and the thing she desires for, it is important for her to maintain and take care of what and how much she eats. She should enjoy her food balancing all the vitamins, nutrition and also exercise for easy/normal delivery. It is essential for a pregnant woman to maintain her weight without increasing or decreasing more than recommended by her gynecologist and obstetrician.

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