Diet Counselling

Diet counselling is a process in which nutrition specialist, a health professional helps people to make healthy choices on their food and eating habits. Usually, a registered dietitian works with an individual for a period of time and assesses his/her food intake to identify their eating habit and help to improvise it.

Why Diet Counselling?

In the current generation, the major health problems found in the people are mostly related to nutrition and eating habit. With the busy and fast food lifestyle, people are spoiling their health that is leading to various health issues in both male and female. Acute and chronic conditions related to bad eating habit, poor nutrition and less/over- consumption of food, is leading to major health issues such as obesity, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetics, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and more. Poor nutrition causes stress, tiredness and decreases our capacity to work that leads to many other major health issues including fertility problem. The stress and unhealthy eating habit are the main causes of serious health illness that are found in many people in today’s life.

In such cases, a registered dietitian or the diet counselor’s may help the individual to achieve a healthy lifestyle with a healthy eating habit. Their main purpose of diet counselor would be to improvise the eating habit of people following the proper diet.

Nutrition and Fertility

Studies have shown that healthy eating habit and proper nutrition is essential for fertility. In many couples who are facing infertility issues have found that their lifestyle and eating habit is one of the major reasons for their infertility problem. An eating habit which is also the reason for the increased stress and tiredness in the body affects the fertility hormones in both men and women. Unhealthy eating habits and poor diet leads to an increase or decrease in body weight, an

imbalance in body cholesterol, blood pressure, and more, which plays a crucial role in healthy fertility and pregnancy. Eating too high or too less also cause overweight or underweight that affects the menstrual cycle influencing the fertility potential in women. Smoking, drinking, drugs, and overeating cause fertility issues in men.

So, it is very important for everyone to maintain their eating habit with proper nutrition and diet. If the individual person finds that his or her diet plan or eating habit is leading to the health issues in them, it is better to consult a diet counselor and improve their health with the healthy eating habit.

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